Instant soothing spray

50 ml

Soothing and moisturising water for sensitive skin

Instantly soothing, refreshing and hydrating mist. Specifically formulated for sensitive, reactive and irritated skin prone to redness.

Innovative formula made with Lotus Water and active principles that noticeably reduce intermittent or permanent redness, diminish its intensity and prevent its reappearance.

Formula enriched with Lotus Water, to help soothe the most sensitive skin.

Phragmites kharka and Poria cocos extracts​: relieve erythema and itching within minutes and prevent reactive skin inflammation.


Do not shake before use. Press and hold the dispenser to spray a fine mist over the entire face daily, prior to using Fluid 360°. Apply it 30 cm from your face and with your eyes closed. Leave it to act for a few moments until fully absorbed, then remove any excess with a tissue. We recommend using the product as many times as necessary throughout the day.


Remember to take it with you during the day and apply it whenever necessary, as it has numerous benefits and uses:

  • to instantly soothe, refresh and moisturise the skin
  • to minimise the appearance of redness on the face
  • for use as a tonic
  • for use as an overnight repair treatment
  • after hair-removal treatments
  • to set your make-up
  • after exercising
  • after sun exposure
  • after exfoliating your face
  • at the beach or swimming pool
  • on a flight


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