brillos · puntos negros · poros dilatados · imperfecciones persistentes · relieve irregular · tendencia acneica manchas de melanina o hemoglobina · marcas o cicatrices

• shine
• blackheads
• large pores
• stubborn blemishes
• uneven skin texture
• acne-prone skin
melanin or haemoglobin spots
• marks or scars


Oily, combination and acne-prone skin types are mainly characterised by production of excess sebum. The quantity and quality of this can lead to the appearance of persistent blackheads and blemishes​.

Oily skin types are visually coarser and duller and tend to be prone to shine, dilated pores, uneven relief, blackheads and whiteheads. These appear when excessive sebaceous gland secretion blocks the pore, causing the pilosebaceous follicle to become inflamed.

In addition to inflammatory (papules and pustules) and retentional lesions (micro-whiteheads and blackheads), acne-prone skin suffers marking, blemishing and scarring that further impair its overall appearance.

Multiple, interrelated factors influence the development of oily or acne-prone skin. The quantity and composition of the sebum secreted, the bacterial colonisation of follicles — particularly by P. acnes, inflammation and oxidation processes, hormone levels and their effect on sebum synthesis, and structural changes in the follicle caused by hyperkeratinisation are the main factors that contribute to this problem.

These skin conditions aren’t just restricted to teenagers: over 40% of adults aged over 25 suffer from them as well.

Other factors also contribute to the appearance of skin blemishes in adulthood, even in people who didn’t suffer from them in adolescence. Possible triggers include stress, use of inappropriate cosmetics, some medications, and genetic factors, as well as exposure to sun, tobacco, pollution, etc.

In adult skin, blemishes mainly appear on the lower half of the face and are characterised above all by shine, inflammatory lesions, blackheads and dilated pores. They tend to be persistent and are often accompanied by a degree of skin sensitivity.


A smooth complexion,
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