Micellar gel cleanser

200 ml

Micellar water make-up remover for sensitive skin

This gentle cleanser is respectful of sensitive skin, soothing and preventing redness.

Thanks to its extra-gentle formula — which uses micelles as cleansing agents — and to its pH of 7.0, it deeply cleanses and removes make-up from the most sensitive, red or irritated skin while preventing the appearance of redness by targeting the source of vasodilation, thus providing relief for the most reactive skin types.

Formula enriched with Lotus Water to help soothe the most sensitive skin.

Phragmites kharkaandPoria cocos extracts​: relieve erythema and itching within minutes and prevent reactive skin inflammation.


Use twice daily, morning and night. Apply the necessary amount of product using a cotton pad or your fingers. Spread over your entire face and remove gently with a cotton pad until your skin is free of any residue.

There is no need to rinse. You can follow up with the Fluid 360° treatment.


Formula enriched with Lotus Water. Free of soap and alcohol. Formulated at a pH of 7.0 to adapt to the pH of tears and prevent the eyes from stinging.


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